WombatDialer Release 0.7.7 is out with E-mail notifications and more

After a few months, we released version 0.7.7 of WombatDialer. This includes a large number of bug fixes and a few interesting new features.

The most important feature is e-mail notifications. You can now tell WombatDialer to send you an e-mail when a campaign completes or changes its run status. This is extra useful as it makes tracking long-running campaigns a breeze.

Read our WombatBlog for all the details about how to turn this feature on.

With the new 0.7.7 version if you are looking at a running campaign, its statistics are updated periodically so you do not have to re-select it. Plus, counters were added on the Live page to see the numbers of runs in a given section even when the section is closed.

We made also a large number of changes to improve the database persistence layer and avoid bottlenecks for high load. The server component that powers the Live page was rewritten from scratch and it is now an order of magnitude faster.

Asterisk 8 and Asterisk 11 are now the best supported targets, and we have a standardized regression suite that tests all dialing modes with one million calls.

Discover now the new WombatDialer using a free demo key.

We are looking forward to receive your comments and feedbacks about this new release.

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