Our Testimonials

Elastix Logo

Queuemetrics adds a layer of professional reportings to Elastix, which can be conveniently used in deployments with a high number of calls for customer service, queues and call centers.

Combined with the Call Center module it allows to extend the long list of functionalities provided by the Elastix solution.

Paul Estrella
Product Manager Elastix, Ecuador

OrecX Logo

We see QueueMetrics as a pioneer and innovator in the world of call center metrics.
We are thrilled to be working closely with them to meet the growing needs of both customer bases.

Bruce Kaskey

Chromis Logo

Asterisk is powerful but call center functionality is limited or requires significant custom development. Queue Metrics is a perfect complement raising Asterisk to call center status. We chose QM to add call center functionality and complete our Asterisk portfolio.

Zach Garcia
Chromis Technology, USA

Xenialab Logo

QueueMetrics provides enhanced reporting capabilities for customers requiring advanced asterisk monitors.

Diego Gosmar
CEO at Xenialab, Italy

Pascom Logo

We decided on Queuemetrics Call Monitoring software because of its reputation plus the ease with which the program can be integrated into our MobyDick solutions.

James Burton
Pascom Netzwerktechnik GmbH, Germany

Ansit-com Logo

We choose queuemetrics, because it's a great addition to our PBX solution ansitel.

Karsten Hampf
ansit-com GmbH, Germany

eTechnus Logo

QueueMetrics is the software I will use for any call center deployment.

Luiz Guimaraes
Etechnus Corp, USA

Connectiontelecom Logo

Loway's QueueMetrics has been the key ingredient in our call-centre installations here in South Africa for years. The product gets better and better; Lorenzo and his team are supportive and responsive whether we need help with an issue or we're requesting a new feature. Loway worked with us to integrate QueueMetrics into our "hosted call centre" solution giving us a product that is unique in our market.
Highly recommended!

Steve Davies
Connection Telecom (Pty) Ltd, South Africa

SoftBCom Logo

Queuemetrics is a very comprehensive solution, it totally satisfies needs in monitoring and reporting for Asterisk-based call centers, very easy to install and implement. It is a really professional tool, saving time and money, giving a chance to achieve results by a shortest way.

Vladimir Dudchenko
SoftBCom, Russia

Intermedia Logo

We do use both reporting and the realtime monitoring of QueueMetrics. The offices and account support teams really count on this information and data for monitoring everything from a campaign's performance to an individual agent's performance. Even the agent uses QueueMetrics, especially the sidebar and responding to grading forms.

Clients do have access to QueueMetrics directly through secure access and a customized reporting rights. It's wonderful. They receive reporting that is of direct interest to them about their specific projects, and depending on permissions, monitoring capability. Our clients who use QueueMetrics, are very happy with the information that is so readily available to them.

Maria Swanenburg
Project Leader at InterMedia Marketing Solutions

Foehn Logo

Lorenzo and his whole team is very responsive and always available to provide support or answer any questions regarding Queumetrics or WombatDialer.
We use Queuemetrics and Wombat for all our Call Centre clients and they are impressed with the functionality and reliability of Loway products.
With recent update to Queuemetrics 14 and Wombat 0.7.5 they have seen major increase in performance, which was met with positive feedback. Keep up the great work!

Patrik Resetka
Customer Services Engineer, Foehn Ltd, UK

GDC Telecom Logo

After a very careful market analysis, we have chosen to cooperate with Loway for QueueMetrics, the most reliable product in its class, which provides a set of tools that fully meets our expectations and needs.

By integrating the cost-efficient Loway's products in our turnkey projects, we are now able to offer affordable Call Center solutions to our Enterprise Customers.

Gabriel Dulcu
General Manager, GDC Telecom, Romania

WhiteleyTech Logo

Really pleased with QM, my clients too, the speed you guys respond to questions and the value of the software is so powerful. And the APIs allow you to write your own tools. It's best software ever bought, price and power.

Félim Whiteley
WhiteleyTech, Ireland

TheCodec Systems Limited Logo

We choose Loway products because they have proven over time to be reliable, efficient and cost effective. Their solutions are world class.

Kayode Akintunde
TheCodec Systems Limited, Nigeria


Queuemetrics is an advanced call center suite available for the Asterisk platform. We recommend Queuemetrics to our clients that are looking for complex call center reporting, agents performance, productivity and like to achieve efficient result from call center. Using Queuemetrics expresso has made the call center deployment really flexible and easy.

Renjan George

Tensegrity Services Logo

QueueMetrics provides access to key operating metrics for our call center, can integrate the operation, monitoring and quality control in a single platform, versatile, easy to use and highly configurable.

Juvenal Guzmán
Tensegrity Services, Mexico

I wanted to share my experience and thank Lenz for helping me out with the tracking of the DNIS. Thanks to Lenz for your patience in working this issue through with me!! Wonderful Support!!!

Wilson Chua
Futuregen International, USA

Wombat has helped us automate our calls in a very easy way.
I highly recommend it. Installation was relatively easy, and having been able to use it as a trial helped us build confidence in the product’s ability to perform.

Vinicius Ferriani
Founder at Gympass, Brazil

I am now back from the UK, just wanted to say thanks for sorting this out. Excellent customer service, all in order. Thanks again

Chris Justice
Amstar dmc, México

Will give feedback, if any!!

Wynand Clase
Onecell holdings, South Africa

I would like to thank Loway for the great support, this was the second case I opened with QueueMetrics, and I am seeing nothing except a great followup and support.

Haitham Khasawneh
IT Team Leader, Aramex International

We began monitoring our Call Center using Queue Metrics from our Rush Month in the year (which is in Ramadan Month in Egypt and Islamic countries) and we received a lot of calls during this month and a lot of calls (about 50% of calls Unanswered) which was lost before this month and we need to monitor our Call Center and know the number of Agents in any shift and we need to generate Call Center reports for Answered and Unanswered calls for both internal and external calls in our Call Center and we found that Queue Metrics meet our Call Center needs and then we installed it and then we put Wall Board in the Call Center to make agents see Internal and External waiting calls.

So , We used Queue Metrics to Monitor our Call Center and we found it really useful for us and the Call center performance was enhanced and we want to thank you about this product.

Eng. Ahmed Mohamed Khairy Abd El Bary
Children's Cancer Hospital (57357), Egypt

We are certainly pleased with your software and we are currently using it for our HelpDesk.

Marcello Vago
HelpDesk Manager, KPNQWEST Italia

We have been using QueueMetrics for a awhile now with our Asterisk PBX. We sell wholesale office products and typically handle thousands of phone calls a day. I highly recommend this software program for any company regardless of their size. For years we have been without it not knowing what we were missing. Now that we utilize QueueMetrics for reports and live data I?d have to say it has already paid for itself as we we're able to catch several problems in our phone call flow and remedy it fast.
Without QueueMetrics we would not have been able to catch these problems. Their support has been pretty good as well. Again I'd highly recommend their software it's ingeniously written but simple to use.

Clint Rankin
Admiral Express Inc., USA

The Puffing Billy Railway have found QM very useful in the allocation of resources to our small call centre. With varying volumes of incoming inquiries, the ability to instantly determine numbers waiting and the length of time they have been waiting has enabled us to improve our customer service.
The information and log files are displayed in a user friendly manner and require only a brief amount of training to ensure an effective interaction.

Andrew Wheatland
Puffing Billy Railway, Australia

Although QM is not open-source, it is extremely affordable and high quality for the price.

Alex Balashov
Evariste Systems, USA

First of all, let me congratulate you once again for your outstanding product you have. Our call center is working great, and the managers are really happy with our decision of choosing Queuemetrics. I have already recommend your product to many friends that are now working with Asterisk PBX. They are also very happy with it.

Marco Cordeiro
Globalstar, Brasil

We actually already use the QueueMetrics product for to monitor 3 different call centers - and we love it!

Joshua C. Bailey
Project Resources Group, USA

I just wanted to share that you did a phenomenal job at developing to and managing the upgrade process to your newest version of Queuemetrics. We implemented the upgrade a few weeks ago and it was a dream.
We lost no data, all connections and processes came up, and we had happy users the following morning.
I REALLY appreciate when a company releases new software that WORKS!!! Thank you Team Loway!

John McNeil
Business Services Development Manager TCT, USA