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QueueMetrics and QueueMetrics-Live analytics software free full featured trial available.


We think that understanding is the base for improving.

Our call-center software lets you monitor agent productivity with wallboards and real time panels, measure targets, conversion rates, and view campaign statistics with a simple easy to use interface.

Measure all the activities and processes that happen in your Asterisk call-center.

Begin your QueueMetrics analytics software free full featured trial:

Also available as QueueMetrics-Live cloud hosted service.

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WombatDialer predictive dialer for Asterisk call center free trial!


Automate your outbound dialing, eliminate dead time between calls and enhance your contact center performances.

With easy to use campaign management tools WombatDialer boosts agents productivity and improves your campaigns with automatic dialing, queue recalls functions, call forwarding options, and different dialing modes including direct, reverse, preview, manual and predictive.

Our call-center predictive dialer software is highly scalable, multi-server and works with your existing Asterisk PBX.

Start your free trial today:

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Call-center Suite Bundles for Asterisk PBX out now!


Discover the powerful combination of QueueMetrics monitoring suite and WombatDialer predictive dialer for Asterisk call-center.

If you need a complete, all-in-one suite for monitoring, reporting and dialling, Loway provides bundles at a very attractive price with both solutions included.

Create reliable and deep inbound analysis and combine them with the outbound advanced capabilities of a next generation predictive dialer.

If you are a new customer and this is your first purchase you can buy your call center suite for Asterisk PBX at the Loway Online Shop

For more information about QueueMetrics and WombatDialer visit

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Dimensioning QueueMetrics Call Center Suite for Asterisk PBX


QueueMetrics monitoring suite for Asterisk PBX is not an especially resource-hungry application and is built to be quite thrifty, but as a tool that can be used in multiple ways and to run possibly very large reports, it is sometimes needed to do a little analysis beforehand.

While actual numbers depend heavily on the specific usage patterns, there are some general guidelines one can follow in dimensioning.

Discover how with this new tutorial:

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Asterisk Satisfaction Survey video presentation AstriCon 2018


AstriCon, the longest-running event devoted to all-things Asterisk, celebrated its 15th year in Orlando.

In 2018 Loway launched a customer satisfaction survey in order to understand the broad trends impacting on Asterisk based call centres.
Which PBX model is the most used worldwide? Are customers and users satisfied? How big are Asterisk call centers?

These are questions that this satisfaction survey, unique in the Asterisk market, answered for the first time.
Results were presented by Loway's Founder in a live session during AstriCon Orlando.

Watch the video conference HERE

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 Media Mentions

VIP callers management with QueueMetrics


There are various methods that one can employ to deal with VIP callers. This is usually done with dedicated DIDs, that allows for a prioritized service.
This works, but is often hard to scale to hundreds or thousands of cases so we can definitely do better!

Discover how you can effectively manage this feature with this new tutorial for QueueMetrics call-center suite for Asterisk:

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Erwin fala Português: WombatDialer in Portuguese


WombatDialer, our next generation dialer for Asterisk call-centers, is available in Portuguese language.
Thanks to the Asteriks Tecnologia's team for making this possible.

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Power dialing at its best with WombatDialer


Your WombatDialer is a powerful tool, able to scale up significantly in order to manage thousands of calls at once.
Discover how to do high-volume dialing running thousands of parallel calls with WombatDialer 0.9.

Try the new WombatDialer now! It's free.

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Video tutorial: Discover WombatDialer 0.9


Discover what's new in this video presentation:

Our famous dialer for Asterisk has over 80 new or improved items, support for multiple languages and a rewritten GUI that makes it easier to use and maintain.
Try it with a free evaluation key:

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Mobydick by pascom and Loway's WombatDialer Integration


Give to your contact center a boost with Loway's WombatDialer and pascom's mobydick Phone System.

Discover how you can increase your contact center productivity using mobydick and WombatDialer together.
Deploying a predictive dialling contact strategy enables companies of all sizes to significantly increase their daily productivity, maximise agent talk time and increase call penetration while enjoying greater campaign effectiveness.
Try the combined solutions today request a full featured demo at or download mobydick.

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