QueueMetrics 19.04: the new wallboard features and WebRTC softphone video presentation


QueueMetrics version 19.04 introduces several new features that enhance the software usability and increases the analysis capacity. The most important are related to the wallboard realtime monitoring tool and the new improved WebRTC soft-phone.

The wallboard is greatly improved and expanded to reach feature parity with the classic Real-Time page. Now, whatever you used to do with the Real-Time page is doable with the wallboards - and completely configurable.
The wallboard includes a WebRTC soft-phone, so you can do spying, barging and whispering right within your browser.

Discover more in this new video presentation: www.youtube.com/QueueMetrics

QueueMetrics 19.04 is immediately available as an RPM package, a TGZ file or a Docker image on DockerHub.

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