QueueMetrics-Live honored with “Premium Usability” and the “Rising Star” awards from FinancesOnline Directory


FinancesOnline.com, a popular B2B software review platform, has assigned the “Premium Usability” and the “Rising Star” awards to our product QueueMetrics-Live.

Recognized under their best Top 12 VoIP Software category, QueueMetrics-Live was distinguished with both industry awards for passing the high quality standards set by FinancesOnline’s experts. The review platform reserves this industry award to software companies that provide an exceptional user experience and unparalleled ease of use for executing one’s day to day tasks and projects. Similarly, the Rising Star award acknowledges QueueMetrics-Live as a monitoring and reporting software trusted by Asterisk-based PBX.

The QueueMetrics-Live overview sheds more light on FinancesOnline’s findings. As stated by the review team, some of the notable features and key benefits that set us apart from other VoIP software alternatives include:
Real-time analysis on a custom dashboard that displays all important KPIs.
“Unmatched scalability” that makes it easy to handle sudden spikes and large drops in calls.
Agent management tools that simplify tracking of call conversions.
Effortless and fast deployment.
Cost-effectiveness due to its subscription-based pricing that can be adjusted based on a user’s changing business requirements.

We want to thank the team of FinancesOnline.com for the acknowledgment of our work and we will put all our efforts to confirm their trust in our products.

You can read the full review on FinancesOnline.com and if you are already our customer don’t miss to leave your feedback.

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