Loway announces Lorenzo Emilitri as official speaker of Asterisk Expo Africa 2016


Loway announced that Lorenzo Emilitri, CEO and Founder of the company, will present QueueMetrics-Live, a professional cloud based call-center reporting tool and the WombatDialer during Asterisk Africa 2016.

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Mr. Emilitri's speech will have special topics emphasizing the use of QueueMetrics suite for call-center professional management and reporting.

The "Effective call center monitoring - QueueMetrics Tips & Tricks" presentation will explain a number of different ways to get the most out of your QueueMetrics system, for call-center administrators and system administrators, the "Introducing QueueMetrics Live and WombatDialer", the second presentation in program, will explain the newest additions to the Loway product line in order to make your call-center more effective.

Attendees will find the Loway team at the Clarotech Booth, where they will experience the broad range of call-center solutions that the Swiss company offers.

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