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 Loway announces the release of WombatDialer 16.06

Loway Switzerland, worldwide leading provider of solutions for call-centers, today announced that its most famous dialer software for Asterisk, WombatDialer, exits its "beta" stage and becomes a mature product with version 16.06.

"We want to thank the over 300 sites that have been running WombatDialer in the last three years", said Lorenzo Emilitri, Loway CEO. "They made possible to reach this major milestone, all thanks to their suggestions and bug reports."

Release 16.06 offers significant improvements to the WombatDialer package. They are centered around a major GUI evolution and a significant increase in performance.

The Loway development team did a lot of work on the GUI to improve the quality and ergonomics of the daily interaction with WombatDialer and many relevant changes in the Real-time page.
Also they did a number of changes under the hood, parallelizing logging and improving the database schemas, so that a stock WombatDialer should perform well for systems up to 1000 channels with no need for special configurations.

With the new feature "Adaptive Boosting", WombatDialer will improve agent utilization by 30-50% over fixed overdialing rates by monitoring recent traffic and applying a statistical model on it.
It is only a matter of turning this option on for the campaign, no configuration, no parameters, it just works. And compared to most classic predictive models, it works better even with small agent pools.

Also about 100 bugs and minor issues were fixed by Loway developers.

For detailed information please visit the WombatDialer blog and the official website.

WombatDialer 16.06 is immediately available, as an RPM archive, a tar.gz archive or a preconfigured Docker image. The updated User Manual can also be found on the Downloads page. If you currently have a licensed WombatDialer system, you can upgrade now at no extra cost.

About Loway

Since 2004, Loway develops complete, reliable and customizable call center software solutions for the Asterisk PBX.
Their distinguished QueueMetrics set up modern standards in performance measurement and reporting for call centers based on Asterisk technology. WombatDialer is a flexible, easy to use outbound dialing platform and a perfect complement to QueueMetrics.

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