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 Loway Switzerland Unveils Generous Referral Reward Program

Loway Switzerland leading provider of solutions for call-centers based on the Asterisk PBX technology today announced its new official Referral Reward program that pays cash to customers and advocates who refer prospective customers for software or services.

The new initiative offers cash commissions for call-center professionals that refer new customers for the well known QueueMetrics suite for Asterisk or WombatDialer software.

Anyone can refer a customer and get a cash reward with no revenue commitment or partnership investments required.
Crafted with an emphasis on simplicity and strong value, the Loway Referral Reward Program earns a consistent commission when a referred customer purchases a software license or a training course package, actually available for QueueMetrics and WombatDialer. This is currently the simplest way to start working with the Swiss company without the request of joining their full Reseller Program.

"The Loway Referral Reward program is a very interesting Asterisk call-center incentive program because it offers to the Asterisk community and call-center professional integrators a great opportunity of earning commission rewards with minimum overhead,” said Lorenzo Emilitri, Loway CEO and Founder. “They’ll also receive the gratification knowing they’ve provided a chance for their business partners and coworkers to improve the overall quality of their call-centers.”

To qualify for the reward, referred persons must contact Loway sales and create an opportunity with them. For each opportunity they receive a code for tracking. When the prospect purchases the products detailed in the opportunity they receive an email from Loway with amount and details for the commission.
This makes the entire procedure simple and very fast.

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About Loway

Since 2004, Loway develops complete, reliable and customizable call center software solutions for the Asterisk PBX.
Their distinguished QueueMetrics set up modern standards in performance measurement and reporting for call centers based on Asterisk technology. WombatDialer is a flexible, easy to use outbound dialing platform and a perfect complement to QueueMetrics.

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If you are interested in a collaboration or simply want more information feel free to contact our marketing manager Maurizio Sabot at marketing at loway dot ch, it will be a pleasure to talk with you.

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