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 Loway Switzerland Announces Immediate Availability QueueMetrics Call-Center Monitoring Suite Version 15.10

Loway Switzerland announces QueueMetrics Asterisk PBX call-center monitor 15.10.

QueueMetrics 15.10 is a release guided by usability and layout improvements that make the monitoring and management process easier and richer.

This new version supports the brand-new Asterisk 13.6 and introduces the new concepts of tags, features and skills, as optional ways to categorize your ACD traffic.

A "tag" is a specific attribute that splits calls in a queue into mutually-exclusive subgroups. Tags are meant as a general mechanism to replace existing "sub-queues" that keep a clean distinction between the reason why a call was queued and the queue that was used to process it.

A "feature" is a secondary outcome - for example, an agent does not just mark a call as being a sale, but they keep track of busines-relevant attributes you want to monitor. Did the caller accept to be signed up to a mailing list? Now such business goals can be tracked and analyzed.

A "skill" is a specific attribute of a call that requires a special ability to be present at a required grade in the answering agent.

Those new concepts are very powerful and make QueueMetrics call-center stats monitor able to analyze calls at a finer level.

New features include:

  • Support for tracking skill-based routing
  • A walth of new reports and real-time monitoring options
  • Input of feature codes within the Icon agent page
  • New configuration and security-key editors
  • WombatDialer power dialer integration for scheduled recalls on the Agent's page
  • Improved WebRTC softphone
  • Updated layouts.

Discover what's new in details: QueueMetrics Manual WhatsNew

About Loway

Loway Switzerland is a leading software development company providing professional solutions for contact-centers based on Asterisk. Its renowned QueueMetrics sets up modern standards in performance measurement, statistics and reporting for call centers based on the Asterisk PBX technology, while WombatDialer is a flexible, easy to use outbound dialing platform and a perfect complement to QueueMetrics.

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