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 Loway Switzerland Releases WombatDialer 0.8.0 Easily Build Proactive Customer Care

Loway Switzerland announces that WombatDialer 0.8.0 is finally out. The theme of this brand new release is to make the experience of it smoother, integrating the feedback of its users worldwide.

WombatDialer is currently used in a large number of call-centers worldwide implementing various scenarios - from recalls of lost calls in inbound call-centers, to massive telecasting, to classic outbound scenarios like automated dialing and preview dialing with hundreds of live agents.

The high flexibility of WombatDialer makes it easy to adopt it in existing call-centers and to easily create high value added services for proactive customer care - you call the customer to remind and help him, so he does not have to. This means customers are happy and the call center can organize its works on a predictable workflow.

There are a good number of changes in version 0.8.0:

  • Support to Asterisk 12 and 13 right out of the box. It works on any version of Asterisk PBX since 1.4.
  • It runs more quickly with the optimized database layer. The dialer starts automatically when the system is already configured, so you don't have to remember to do it.
  • Layout notably improved - now it looks way better and there is more information available, especially on the Reports and Live pages.
  • It is able to send e-mails on campaign completions - this feature makes your life easier when running large campaigns that take days to complete.
  • Improved reverse dialing mode - it is possible to set a completion code when rejecting a call, and the agent's channel is automatically disconnected if the call fails.
  • The APIs were improved to set completion codes when rejecting calls, to set extStatus codes through the HTTP interface and to report system health.
  • An automated test suite. Wombat has been tested with over one million calls in telecasting, direct-to-queue and reverse modes. This may not make a direct difference to you but it means that Loway has a way to run predictable stress tests and make sure WD will handle real-life workloads.

Loway also fixed a large number of little bugs here and there - over 80 items were addressed. Together, these fixes make the experience simpler and smoother.

WombatDialer can be installed through yum or it can be installed as a standalone Docker app. The User Manual has a chapter on how to run it under Docker, reaping the benefits of a hassle-free installation and upgrade path.

About Loway

Loway Switzerland is a leading software development company providing professional solutions for contact-centers based on Asterisk. Its renowned QueueMetrics sets up modern standards in performance measurement, statistics and reporting for call centers based on the Asterisk PBX technology, while WombatDialer is a flexible, easy to use outbound dialing platform and a perfect complement to QueueMetrics.

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If you are interested in a collaboration or simply want more information feel free to contact our marketing manager Maurizio Sabot at marketing at loway dot ch, it will be a pleasure to talk with you.

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