Andres Maduro, founder of Equipos Telemo, speaks about present and future of Asterisk call center industry


Equipos Telemo Andres J. Maduro Quintini is a Computer Science Engineer professional from Universidad Simón Bolívar since 1998. Founder of Animaciones, ICONOS, C.A. in 1991 and Equipos Telemo E.T. S.A. in 2004, Andres has been working with OpenSource platforms like Asterisk and Linux since 1994. Since 2004, Andres has been designing, installing and operating many PBX systems based on Asterisk and FreePBX with dozens of custom built IVR systems and call centers. Additionally, Andres is currently working with Telemo on mobile App development with more than 4 years of experience in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions as well as design of hardware PCBs to integrate sensors with small computer systems like the Raspberry Pi. Having co-developed in the past a propietary callcenter solution under Linux, still live on some customers with a partner company and having tested many solutions trough out the years, he has chosen to work with Queuemetrics as it has proven to be a robust and mature platform.
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Andres J. Maduro Quintini, Founder of Equipos Telemo.

Q: Could you please summarize for our readers your company profile, your target customer and reference market?

Equipos Telemo, E.T. S.A. is a Venezuelan company founded in 2002 by two parters coming from many years working in technology development in the areas of networking, web development, VoIP and IVR, text to speech, automatic speech recognition, mobile app development and PBX/call center implmementation.
We have been working with Asterisk since 2003 when it was on version 0.99.

Q: What kind of benefits do you experience using and selling QueueMetrics and WombatDialer?

Queuemetrics is a robust and mature platform for call and contact center needs. The interface is simple, easy to use and flexible. Third party integration is available through it’s API.
Documentation is really good with many tutorials and support is excellent and fast. Pricing and plans are flexible for customers.

Q: Could you give me an example of how you have dealt with a customers critical issue using QueueMetrics or WombatDialer?

Through support, we have been able to solve any critical issue we have found on our customers really fast.

Q: What are the key factors which make a successful Asterisk based call-centre?

Ease of use, ease of installation, good level and speed of support, fair pricing and feature rich functionality.

Q: Mr. , what’s your view on the Asterisk call-center industry future in the next two years?

We’ll see a continouos growth of Asterisk-based callcenters as many companies realize that they need a robust direct communication solution with their customers that is rich in features as well as affordable when compared to traditional systems.
Also, we’ll see a growth in remote agents deployment as cloud based solutions continue to grow.

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