Xin Ye, Managing Director of OCO InfoComm, speaks about present and future of Asterisk call center industry


OCO InfoComm Xin Ye is the Managing Director of OCO InfoComm, he has been working with Asterisk phone system for about 10 years, also he has 15 years working experience in IT infrastructure. For the past two years, he has been working closely with one of the largest call center in Singapore which has more than 200 agents, one of their campaign is running on QueueMetrics, OCO InfoComm is supporting their entire IT infrastructure and phone systems. OCO InfoComm has gained so much valuable experiences in call center operations working with them, which becomes a key differentiator from other PBX vendors.
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Xin Ye, Managing Director of OCO InfoComm.

Q: Could you please summarize for our readers your company profile, your target customer and reference market?

A: OCO InfoComm is a Singapore based company that specialized in providing IP PBX and Call Center solutions to our clients.
Our team of engineers has over 10 years of experience in developing complex IP PBX for both MNC, Contact Centers and Government Agencies.

Q: What kind of benefits do you experience using and selling QueueMetrics and WombatDialer?

A: With QueueMetrics and its extensive API, we are able to provide fully customized reports, dash board, wallboard and much more to our customers to suite their unique requirements.
Licensing and Installation for QueueMetrics is simple, the application is simple to use and provide complete insights to call center operations.

Q: Could you give me an example of how you have dealt with a customers critical issue using QueueMetrics or WombatDialer?

A: A client of ours who has one of the largest membership database in Singapore wanted us to provide their organization with reports that capture specific identification data from the IVR, with QueueMetrics IVR tracking feature, we are able to provide not only the identification data, but also able to track the time spent in IVR and the path callers took in the IVR.
This give our customer detailed insights to constantly monitor and optimize their IVR design.

Q: What are the key factors which make a successful Asterisk based call-centre?

A: In the beginning, people were skeptical about the reliability of Asterisk based system.
However, over years of improvement, the Asterisk system has evolved and combined with systems like QueueMetrics, it can now provide accurate reports just like other legacy system.
In my opinion, in terms of system, the key factors are Stability, Scalability and Flexibility. In terms of reporting, the key factors are accuracy, customizable and comprehensive API.

Q: Mr. Xin, what's your view on the Asterisk call-center industry future in the next two years?

A: Distributed Asterisk System Architecture would be the key focus for the next two years, as more and more large enterprises are adopting the open source platform, the ability to scale up and scale out on demand is still lacking for asterisk based system.
For call center businesses, many people predict that they will slowly be replaced by mobile APPs and other technologies, but that is simply not the case based on my observation for the past two years.
I believe the human touch is still the most preferred way when dealing with customers, as more and more enterprises and government agencies are actually expanding their call center operation.

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