David Puckett, Business Development Team at Yeastar, speaks about the modern Voip Market


Yeastar David Puckett has moved to the "East" to join a thriving Voice over IP company in Xiamen, China as a new member of the Business Development and Product Management Team at Yeastar Information Technology Co. Previously, as a Global Director of Technical Services and then Technical Product Line Manager, he has gained vast experience remaining with the same US telecommunications company for the last 15 years. In addition to launching his brand new technology company last December, David is excited to join Yeastar and work with a team that that has a fresh outlook on the market and ample company resources to establish itself as a major world competitor in delivering a fully supported business class voice solution built on top of the open source Asterisk core.
For more information please refer to Yeastar’s Corporate Website at: www.yeastar.com

David Puckett, Product Management Team of Yeastar.

Q: Could you summarize for the readers your company profile and target market?

Yeastar has over 10 years in the open-source Asterisk VoIP world; partner presence in over 100 countries around the world and is now experiencing unprecedented growth in the SMB marketplace.
The S-Series IP PBX is Yeastar's newest and most highly optimized Customer Premise Device for Business Class Voice Solutions.
The entire S-Series product line supports anywhere from 1 to 500 users and is designed to be completely modular, so you can customize the system according to your business needs.

Q: Mr. Puckett, what’s your view on the call-center industry future in the next two years?

I feel very strongly that CCAAS is the right play for the immediate future, even in parts of the world where connectivity isn't always a given, the QueueMetrics -Live cloud based solution has proven it's reliability to our partners and their end-users over and over again.
Until recently, delivering a Professional Call-Center Solution for our resellers has been a long and difficult challenge. Now, with the roll-out of the integration between the Yeastar S-Series and QueueMetrics Live, it is simple to demonstrate easy deployment and scalability for our call-center professionals.

Q: What kind of benefits Yeastar S-Series PBX integration with QueueMetrics-Live bring to call-center professionals?

With our recent modifications to the S-Series IP PBX, we are now able to offer a 30-day test drive of QueueMetrics-Live through our on-board App Center.
The Yeastar Application Center has been designed with our resellers in mind, and it's the perfect vehicle to gain a valuable edge when selling our business class voice solutions into an extremely competitive market.

The QueueMetrics App allows a quick and easy connection between the customers S-Series IP PBX and QueueMetrics Live Cloud Service. Our resellers are now in the position to offer their end-users enhanced value by offering a complete turn-key Call Center Solution without any delay.
We are happy to let QueueMetrics be the Call Center experts; it's the perfect partnership.

Q: What are the key factors which make a successful Yeastar Voip PBX based call-centre?

At Yeastar we have learned that the more we dedicate ourselves to our partner and reseller relationships, the more successful we become. Therefore, the first key factor for success is the "try it and buy it" business model built into our QueueMetrics -Live application.
This allows our resellers to demonstrate the power of QueueMetrics to the end-users with just a few clicks of the mouse. The second key factor is reliability.
We know reputations are at stake and we are proud of the proven track-record we have with QueueMetrics. The third key factor is call-center solution details. This core value makes room for the ability to assimilate the reality of everyday effort into tangible or measurable performance goals.
If a thing can't be measured or tracked, then it can't be managed. After our call-center managers take advantage of the free 30 day trail, they immediately see benefits in the possibility of deep analysis. These are just a few key factors that come to my mind, of course there are more.

Q: What are your thoughts about strategic role of call-center analysis softwares in your market?

We have examined the market very thoroughly and it is evident to us that we need a strong partner with experience and a proven track record.
We have experienced great success with our previous product offerings with QueueMetrics and were extremely pleased to offer an even more automated solution for the S-Series IPPBX.
A solid technology partnership is exactly what Yeastar has in QueueMetrics and we are looking for new ways to incorporate more of their services into our S-Series IP PBX.

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