Mark Barry Founder of Exabar Telecom speaks about the Asterisk call-center industry present and future


Exabar Mark Barry is the Founder of Exabar Telecom and has served as President since the company’s inception 14 years ago. Mark has deep experience in Project Management, Product Design, Development and Launch. Mark has a proven executive management track record and a laser focus on providing an exemplary customer experience.
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Mark Barry Founder of Exabar Telecom.

Could you please summarize for our readers your company profile, target customers and market?

For over 14 years, Austin Texas based Exabar Telecom has enjoyed great success in being a reliable provider of Cloud Based VoIP, Unified Communication as a service (UCAAS), Call Center as a service (CCAAS) solutions for small to medium sized businesses (SMB’s) as well as contact/call centers.
Exabar Telecom’s cloud based VoIP solutions provide the highest quality service at the lowest prices. Exabar’s “VoxECall” Hosted VoIP Service provides all the features one would expect from a Fortune 500 class company phone system at a fraction of the cost.
From hosted VoIP phone service to Cloud Based contact/call center reporting/monitoring software, Exabar’s advanced telephony services are easy to deploy/use, incredibly advanced and less expensive than traditional/legacy solutions.

What kind of benefits do you experience selling Loway's products?

The addition of Loway’s products to Exabar’s portfolio has allowed us to broaden our service offering and market coverage.
Specifically, QueueMetrics and Wombat Dialer both integrate seamlessly with Exabar’s Asterisk Based “VoxECall” Hosted VoIP Service.
QueueMetrics allows Exabar to offer Call Center Prospects real time monitoring capability. At a glance, Call Center Management is aware of who is on a call and who is not, who is on break and who is available. How many active calls are in progress and what Queues are in play. Once Call Center Management experiences the real-time information that QueueMetrics affords them, they wonder how they ever managed without it.
Wombat Dialer also dovetails nicely with Exabar’s VoxECall Call Center Hosted Service. Customers who may have struggled trying to deploy a Dialer in the past are pleasantly surprised at the relative ease with which Wombat can be implemented and how quickly Agents warm up to using the tool.
Wombat’s different dialing modes (Automated, Reverse, and Preview) coupled with its real time monitoring capabilities make it a perfect fit for Exabar’s Contact/Call Center Prospects.

Could you give me an example of how you have dealt with a customers issue using QueueMetrics or WombatDialer?

One particular Exabar Call Center Prospect had been challenged for years on effectively tracking their Advertising expenditures. The Prospect spent more than a million dollars annually that they spread across various media buys including Newspaper, Direct Mail, Radio, Television Etc.
Implementing Exabar’s Cloud Based VoxECall Call Center Service coupled w/ QueueMetrics monitoring and reporting software provided immediate clarity for the customer. Marketing was now able to effectively/easily set up and track phone numbers associated w/ specific advertising campaigns routed into selected queues. The sophisticated built in reporting capability QueueMetrics brought to the table allowed the Marketing Department to easily pinpoint where the Advertising funds were having the most impact.
The addition of QueueMetrics was a powerful tool for the customer that took the guesswork out of strategic market media buys and budgeting.

What are the key factors which make a successful Asterisk call-centre?

Simply put, Asterisk based products like Exabar’s VoxECall Call Center product has made the implementation of Contact/Call Centers for small and medium sized businesses (SMB’s) a reality.
Exabar’s VoxECall Call Center and Loway’s QueueMetrics gives SMB’s the ability to affordably and easily leverage features such as Queues, Skill Based Call Routing, Agent Monitoring and activity reports.
Exabar has a great depth of experience in helping customers navigate and prepare for the ultimate Call Center experience.

What’s your view on the Asterisk call-center industry future in the next two years?

Exabar is very excited about the anticipated growth we expect to see over the next couple of years in the SMB Contact Center space.
SMB Contact/Call Centers could simply not afford the expensive feature rich Legacy Call Center equipment/software products and services that were reserved for very large company’s w/ deep pockets.
SMB Contact Centers were often relegated to working with outdated inefficient Key System type solutions. Well that has all changed w/ the advent of Asterisk being coupled with powerful hosted solutions like Exabar’s VoxECall Call Center Hosted Service and Loway’s QueueMetrics Call Center Monitoring and reporting product.
The Playing field is finally being leveled and the Paradigm shift is in progress. Many SMB’s will now be able to find value and ROI utilizing these tools that was unavailable to them in the past.

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